Çiftçiler Birlik Kağıtçılık started the manufacturing of products within its field of specialization in the 1990s and gained a significant seat in this field in line with its rigorous works that took many years.

The group, which started its business life as a family company at the beginning, employed professional managers in all staffs from sales to marketing, and from manufacturing to management within the process.

Having continued manufacturing in a closed area of 6,000 m2 on an open area of 10,000 m2 until the end of 2013, Çiftçiler Birlik Kağıtçılık A.Ş. achieved increasing its production capacity further by about 10 times with its investment of one hundred million dollars in a plant with a closed area of 25,000 m2 on an area of 100,000 m2 in Adapazarı in 2014. The production plant the 1st phase investment of which has been completed will become an eco-friendly and fully integrated facility based on productivity when its 3rd phase investment is completed.

With the brands it produces, it has proved to be one of the significant players of the industry and with its Mavibeyaz brand it produces particularly in the paper and hygienic products group, it has achieved becoming one of the top five players of the industry.

It produces the hygienic products, such as diapers, wet towels and perineal care cleansing towels in the medical product groups, in accordance with the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and ISO 13485:2012 standards.

Thanks to its investments in 2018 in 2nd diaper line, 2nd undersheet line and absorbent underwear adult diaper line, it has achieved becoming one of the largest medical product manufacturers in Turkey.

For paper manufacturing, reaching its consumers with many brands in the retail and out-of-home consumption channels, Çiftçiler Birlik has switched to full automation by increasing its total paper production capacity by 1,5 times with its new converting line investment made in 2018.