The strategic human resources management is to combine the human resources management with strategic purposes in order to increase work performance and develop organizational cultures encouraging innovation and flexibility.

Our Strategic Human Resources management which has a dynamic structure but not strategic is human-oriented but not work-oriented. It considers the human as an important factor, but not an element of cost. Instead of traditional approaches and standards, t conducts an activity focused on the missions, visions and values.

Our strategic human resources management which is against classical management approaches is based on total quality management.

Our strategic human resources management focusing on a working oriented to knowledge and encouraging behaviours proactive gives consultancy service instead of operational activity.

The goals of our Strategic Human Resources Management can be listed as following:

  • To provide the achievement of the Management’s organizational goals through labour.
  • To benefice from the capacity of the employees and evaluate their potential.
  • To increase corporate performance.
  • To integrate the policies of the human resources management with the policies of organization and to form the culture of organization.
  • To bring the sources into conformity with organizational requirements and develop the personnel and employment policies for improving the performance.
  • To prepare an environment to make the energy and nonvisible creativity of the employees apparent.
  • To ensure the conditions in which team work, concepts such as total quality and innovation will be occurred.
  • To find and bring to the organization the persons who think analytically, have a high work motivations and communication skills, a high capacity of problem solution and giving decision, result-oriented, ready to learning and research, credible and have a high work ethic.

As a result, our Human Resources Management is applied as Strategic Human Resources Management System as a developed version of personnel management in which modern management activities has been integrated with traditional personnel management strategies such as personnel selection and training and developing of our enterprises, career management, performance management, remuneration management and health and security.